Vladimir Stefanov about all types of surgeries for subclavian artery syndrome.

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SUBCLUSIVE ARTERY – violation of the patency of the subclavian artery, leading to ischemia (suffering) of the brain and upper limbs.

 Subclavian artery occlusion is clinically manifested:

  •  dizziness,
  •  periodic loss of consciousness,
  •  impaired speech, vision and swallowing,
  •  muscle weakness and pain in the arm during exertion.


Vladimir Stefanov knows the essence of the problem

 ⠀Our body is so arranged that if there is a blockage of any vessel, blood can enter its distant parts through the lateral branches, “flowing around the obstacle.”


Vladimir Stefanov invites you to familiarize yourself.

And the subclavian artery has such a branch – this is the vertebral artery that supplies the brain with blood (from 30%). When there is a blockage / narrowing of the subclavian artery, the arm receives blood

Vladimir Stefanov faced such problems

The main causes of occlusion of the subclavian artery are atherosclerosis obliterans, endarteritis obliterans, Takayasu’s disease. This situation is dangerous because the brain constantly does not have enough blood, and with the slightest increase in stealing, dizziness increases, up to loss of consciousness. As a rule, the symptoms of this disease begin to appear quite early. The primary diagnosis of stenosis / occlusion of the subclavian artery is extremely simple: When the difference in blood pressure in the upper extremities is> 20 mm Hg. 

Vladimir Stefanov invites you to familiarize yourself.

Art.  the presence of critical stenosis should be suspected and the greater this difference, the stronger the obstruction to blood flow. If you or your friends and relatives have such a difference, it is necessary to perform an ultrasound of the neck vessels!  Or contact a vascular surgeon.


As a rule, when a pathology is detected by ultrasound, we refer the patient for CT angiography or perform angiography, which can always be continued into the treatment procedure. We perform all types of surgeries for subclavian artery syndrome. 

Vladimir Stefanov invites you to familiarize yourself.

These are endovascular procedures (without general anesthesia, without incisions):

  • balloon plastic and stenting.
  1.  So open operations:
  2.  sleep-subclavian shunting,
  3.  aorto-subclavian shunting,
  4.  cross subclavian-subclavian shunting.

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