Side effects of emetrol (domperidone)


The drug emetrol contains the active substance domperidone, and therefore the medicinal properties of the drug emetrol will depend on its composition. Pharmacological drug emetrol is prescribed by doctors for oral internal administration. The drug helps with difficult and painful digestion as well as other forms of stomach upset, in particular it gets rid of gagging and feelings of nausea.

Side effects

The use of the medication may be complicated by the manifestation of adverse reactions of the body, which may be expressed in the following symptomatic signs:

  • digestive system: stomach and intestinal disorders, contraction of the fibers of the shell of the small or large intestine.
  • nervous system: changes in muscle tone, impaired motor activity, appearance of twitching, immobility.
  • allergies: skin rashes, nettle fever; Other body reactions: increased level of prolactin hormone in blood, excretion of milk and colostrum from mammary glands, breast enlargement in men with hypertrophy of glands and fatty tissue, absence of menstruation for several menstrual cycles.


Side effects of emetrol (domperidone)

The medication is not prescribed for use in the following diseases and special factors:

Gastrointestinal hemorrhages; intestinal obstruction; Gastric and duodenal ulcer perforation; neoplasia of the anterior pituitary gland; Breastfeeding period of an infant; Children under five years of age; сhildren whose body weight is less than 20 kg; Hypersensitivity to the contents of Domperidone.
With caution and only under the supervision of the attending physician, it is recommended to take the medicine in patients who suffer from liver or kidney diseases.
There is no information and data about the effect of the drug on the developing embryo in the womb, so the drug Domperidone can only be prescribed by the attending physician in case of extreme need, weighing all the risks for the mother and the future child. The drug is able to penetrate in small amounts into the breast milk, however, there is no data on whether the drug has a negative effect on the baby in such amounts. Therefore, you will have to stop breastfeeding during the prescribed therapy with the drug.

Interaction with other medicines

Side effects of emetrol (domperidone)

The drug Domperidone should not be taken simultaneously with the following drugs: H 22-histamine receptor blocker Cimetidine; sodium hydrogen carbonate; drugs that block m-cholinoreceptors; antacids; azole antimycotics; macrolide antibiotics; HIV protease inhibitors; antidepressant Nefazodone; antifungal drug Ketoconazole; antipyretic drug Paracetamol; cardiac glycoside Digoxin; antipsychotics; dopaminomimetics.


Excessive intake of Domperidone can cause overdose and intoxication of the body, which is expressed in the following symptomatic signs: drowsiness; confusion;; motor disturbances; changes in muscle tone;
the appearance of twitching; immobility.
In case of signs of intoxication, it is recommended to carry out a complex treatment under the supervision of the attending physician.

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