Pregnancy planning

First of all, let’s figure out what this is for.

Still, women somehow become pregnant and independently, carry, give birth. It is quite a natural event for our female human body, not all we need to prepare for every sneeze.

That’s how it is, in fact. And preparation for pregnancy has only one goal – to put straws where possible.

Pregnancy and, although it is natural, but, you know, nine months with you side by side. Together you experience toxicosis, heartburn, weight gain, running to the toilet and much more.
Okay, I’m sorry, I cheated. Not everyone experiences all this. There is a special caste of women for whom pregnancy is practically a marshmallow period, with hugs, a sexy tummy and butterflies in the belly😄.

But what exactly everyone is experiencing is an increased load on the body.
The consumption of reserves increases, the volume of blood and the need for all kinds of usefulness increases. And no, it is not necessary to eat for two. It is imperative to restore deficiencies, prepare your body and your mind for the upcoming period. And ideally, also prepare your close environment.
Sometimes not very close. Sometimes those who have to be brought closer in the period x😂.

This week, only a meteorite or can prevent me from broadcasting on the topic of pregnancy planning. I promise.

In the meantime, how do you feel about pregnancy planning in general? Is it necessary or what just not come up with just to lure to the doctors?

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