You’re skinny, long-winded, and burn calories fast. Everything you eat is processed by your crazy metabolism, making gaining mass an incredible challenge. Don’t worry, ectomorph! You’re not alone, you’re just the kind of person who has a hard time gaining weight. It’s difficult, but not impossible. You just have to follow your own “how to get huge” to-do list. The smallest ounce of energy you have to channel into muscle growth. You need to harmonize your training and nutrition. Nutrition is your rifle, training is your bayonet, gaining mass is your goal. Follow these 10 tips and you will progress! And don’t forget about But only after consulting a specialist.

We hope you’re hungry, as you’re in for a huge batch of tips for hard-to-gain guys.


How to gain mass fast if you’re an ectomorph?
What is the most important goal of going to the gym? If you answer that for health or “for yourself” – sorry, we don’t believe you. Of course, everyone wants to become a mountain of muscles! Those who weigh forty kilograms aspire to sixty, those who weigh sixty kilograms want to go to the weight category of 85, and so on. Even at the Mr. Olympia, only the biggest guys are of interest. But how do you achieve that?

Let’s cut to the chase!

1) Nutrition for gaining weight

Until you get used to feeling like you’re stuffed to the gills, you won’t be able to consume the right amount of wholesome food in large quantities. And you need to. Don’t eat low-calorie carrots; opt for high-calorie foods. Most bodybuilders advise eating 40 kcal per 1 kg of weight to gain muscle mass. Eating all those calories with vegetables, fruits, oatmeal and egg whites will drive you crazy. We don’t mean to say that these foods aren’t healthy-just that they’re not what you need to gain weight. Opt for more calorie-rich foods such as mashed vegetables, dried fruit, whole eggs, oatmeal and steaks.

The main rule is that you should consume more calories than you spend. The basis of your diet should be full meals of solid foods, don’t rely on protein shakes. Lots. Lots of food.
Now that you understand the importance of meal times, let’s talk about calories. 18 calories per 1 kg is a loser’s diet. For weight gain, start with 30 calories per kilogram. Start 2-4 weeks eating 30 calories per 1 kg of your weight, and then increase. To give you an example: A 100 kg man should eat 3,000 calories to begin with and still increase that number after 2-4 weeks. As soon as possible you should come to a rate of 40 calories per 1 kg of weight. At a weight of 80 kg you should consume about 3200 kcal. Get over this threshold and things will get easier from there.

In experience, few people have common sense. People begin to rampantly strive for “the more the better.” People want short cuts, quick results. That’s not possible in this sport. You need time to succeed, time to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Most guys are such that when you tell them the truth, they stop wanting to have big arms.

So if you weigh 100 pounds, you don’t have to time it and start at 4,000 calories right away. Whether you’re gaining, dropping, don’t use the shock technique. Never subject your body to a drastic reduction or increase in calories. After all, even a kilo of good muscle mass is hard to gain, so why risk it by using a shock therapy, as a result of which you will lose half a kilo of this mass immediately?

Let’s say you started eating 400 grams of protein instead of 200 grams. How is your body supposed to incorporate that supplement into your metabolism? It’s just going to drop half of it. Plus it will be so hard for you to eat that much, so you’ll quit after 2 weeks. Remember – all in good time. A gradual increase is important. Start slowly, build up gradually.

2) The importance of sleep.
Guys like you tend to have weaker recovery properties in the body. If you don’t get enough sleep, it can affect your results in the most serious way. Concentrate on getting at least eight hours of sleep, better if you get to nine. Going to the gym again without enough sleep will only mess things up. Rest, recover, sleep and grow!

If you look at the science, here are the facts: 80% of growth hormone is produced in sleep. You could benefit from, say, a thirty-minute nap a day.

3) To gain weight, don’t only eat, but also drink calories.
Calories in liquid form don’t satiate as much as calories from solid foods, so you’ll have an easier time reaching your goal with this aid.

In addition to your pre- and post-workout protein shakes, aim to drink at least one more shake throughout the day. Include as many calorie-dense ingredients as possible in this shake: natural nut butters, seeds, coconut oil, oats, milk powder, frozen fruit, Greek yogurt and/or cottage cheese. If that’s hard to do with your daily regimen, just drink the gainer.

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